Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Review: The Morganville Vampires by Rachel Caine

The Morganville Vampires by Rachel Caine

Publisher:  Allison & Busby
Format Reviewed:  paperback

Synopsis from Goodreads:   (Glass Houses - Book 1)  It's a small college town filled with quirky characters. But when the sun goes down, the bad comes out. Because in Morganville, there is an evil that lurks in the darkest shadows - one that will spill out into the bright light of day. 

Claire Danvers has had enough of her nightmarish dorm situation. The popular girls never let her forget just where she ranks on the school's social scene: somewhere less than zero. And Claire really doesn't have the right connections - to the undead who run the town. 

When Claire heads off campus, the imposing old house where she finds a room may not be much better. Hew new roommates don't show many signs of life. But they'll have Claire's back when the town's deepest secrets come crawling out, hungry for fresh blood...
Book 1 - Glass Houses
Book 2 - The Dead Girls Dance
Book 3 - Midnight Alley
Book 4 - Feast of Fools
Book 5 - Lord of Misrule
Book 6 - Carpe Corpus
Book 7 - Fade Out
Book 8 - Kiss of Death
Book 9 - Ghost Town (released 1st November 2010)
My thoughts:  I am reviewing the first 8 of this series together.  I started reading them in June 2010 and worked my way through all eight that are currently available one after another.  The 9th book, Ghost Town is due out next month (whooooop!).
Morganville is a pretty scary place to live if you’re a vampire, but even more so if you’re human.  The series follows the lives of Claire, Eve, Shane and Michael.  The characters are really likeable, funny and full of personality.  One of my favourite characters from the book was Myrnin - a crazy vampire scientist will an illness that causes him to lose his mind regularly.  Claire never knew if he was going to be her teacher, friend or enemy.
These were the first Young Adult books I’d read and I really enjoyed them.  The writing flowed through each of the books without a break, one following on from the last which I through was great.  Really quick reads (even for me!), fun, exciting and even a little scary.  Rachel Caine has the level of suspense just right.  If you’ve not already tried them out, I really think you should.

My rating:  5 stars

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Anna said...

thanks for the great reivew! I saw these the other day and I wasn't sure if they were any good, but now I'll for sure go pick them up! thanks!