Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Review: The Age of the Vampire Goddess by Kristen Marquette


Publisher:  FireLight Books
Release date:  September 10th, 2010
Review format:  Paperback

Goodreads Synopsis:  From housewife to Vampire Queen, Valerie Murray has come a long way from the 1950's wife and mother she once was in Sangre Valley.  As Queen she passionately tries to persuade the vampire population to abandon their murderous ways and turn to alternative feeding methods, but has been met with strong opposition from both Col. Hendrick, who wants Valerie out of the way so he can create his own personal army of vampires, and a new group of vampires.  The Vampire Supremacists wish to keep the old vampiric bloodlust alive, shunning vegetarianism and symbiosis, and claiming evolutionary superiority over humans.  They will do anything not to see their way of life end.  Carrying the secret of Gabriella's death, twenty year old John has become a workaholic human activist in his mother's campaign.  After her boyfriends death and deep in depression, Amelia struggles to understand her own vampirism, while fifteen year old Harry is having the time of his life in New York City.  But Valerie has yet to meet her greatest challenge.  When she and the children are kidnapped, she is confronted with a brand new enemy, perhaps more dangerous than any other.

My thoughts:  The Age of the Vampire Goddess takes up the story of Valerie Murray and her family two years on from The House of the Vampire Queen.  Having got to know the Murray family very well through reading the first two books I really enjoyed meeting up with them again.  Just in case you didn't know, the Murray's are in fact Living Vampires - vampires with a heartbeat who were actually born and not made, which has made a refreshing change from the usual vampire type books I've read.

Valerie is such a strong character, both as the Queen and mother to her children, although as Valerie herself admitted, since taking on her new role she had neglected her motherly duties somewhat.  Especially where Harry, her youngest child was concerned.  I had never really like Harry and it seems I was right.  He certainly had a lot of his father in him.  Amelia on the other hand I felt really sorry for.  She never got over the loss of her first love and anger and depression took over her life.  I was so happy for John at the end of the book.  He really needed someone to love :)

Once again, the thing I loved most about this book is that I wasn't able to second guess the ending.  The plot has been well thought out with some fabulous twists.  Kristen has a knack of bringing in new characters and being able to make you love or hate them within a few paragraphs, and they seem so real. At times in the book my heart was in my mouth and my emotions were all over the place.  Each of the chapters has a well thought out title, one of which really stuck in my mind, Chapter Sixteen - SHIT.  It was so fitting!  I was hoping there would be more books in the series, but Kristen seems to have tied up all the loose ends in the last chapter of The Age of the Vampire Goddess, so I'm not sure there will be.

The chapters in this book are very short.  Some just a page long, others four of five pages.  I like this in a book.  I find it easier to keep track, and that "just one more chapter before bed" doesn't mean another hour or more,  rather just a few minutes.  My only disappointment with the book was the editing.  Once again there were many errors - spelling and incorrect words, as there have been through all the books.  Even taking this into account though, I loved this book so much I just can't give it less than 5 stars.

My rating:  5 stars

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