Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Review: The House of the Vampire Queen by Kristen Marquette

Last night I finished reading The Age of the Vampire Goddess by Kristen Marquette and I turned the computer on with the intention of writing my review.  Then I realised I hadn't yet posted my review of the second book in the series which I read in September, so I thought I'd better do that first.  I reviewed the first book in the series, The Vampiric Housewife, a week or so ago.  The post is here.


Publisher:  FireLight Books
Release date:  7th March 2010
Review format: Paperback
Read:  September 2010

Goodreads Synopsis:  Nearly two years after the fall of Dr. Venjamin and Sangre Valley, Valerie Murray and her family have picked up the pieces of their lives and begun over again on the white beaches and blue seas of the Caribbean.  Valerie has her first lead role in the community theatre; her children are typical teenagers - John, moody and distant; Amelia has her first boyfriend;  and Harry ... is, well, Harry.  Life is anything but a paradise though.  The family has become somewhat of a freak show among the vampiric world.  Vampires from all around the globe visit the island just to get a glimpse of the living vampires and the woman who destroyed the evil doctor and his legacy.  There are whispered rumours that Valerie is the legendary Vampire Queen of ancient times, returned to unite vampires and humans under her reign - a title Valerie wants nothing to do with.  But when Dr. Venjamin's technology resurfaces and threatens not only Valerie's new life but the life of all vampires, she might be the only one who can protect them.

My thoughts:  I have enjoyed reading books for many years, but up until joining Goodreads I never read book reviews.  When I started reading them I came across the odd review where the reviewer said they threw the book across the room or at a wall.  I just could not understand why anyone would do that ... until I finished this book.

Please bear in mind that I am not one for swearing willy-nilly, but the first words out of my mouth as I read and realised that this was the very last sentence were "No! F*ck!" and for the first time every I had that urge to throw my copy across the room as hard as I could.  I didn't and instead I just stared at the cover saying "You really can't do this.  You really can't leave it there!"  But Kristen Marquette did, and I'll tell you what;  That was the best vampire book I've ever read.

Read it.  You will totally understand my reaction.  I hope you love it as much as I did.

My rating:  5 stars

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