Saturday, 20 November 2010

Review: The Riddler's Gift by Greg Hamerton

THE RIDDLER'S GIFT - First Tale of the Lifesong by Greg Hamerton

Publisher:  Eternity Press
Released:  June 2007
Reviewed Format:  Paperback
(also available as a Kindle edition)
Read:  November 2010

Goodreads Synopsis:  In a time when the world was ravaged by chaos, one kingdom remains; ordered, isolated, protected.  Then Tabitha Serannon awakens an ancient power and the world begins to change.

She is hunted for her talent.  The Shadowcasters whisper in her ears as their evil closes around her.  Soon the Riddler walks beside her, but is he on her side?  She has a moment to learn the magic before she loses her grasp of the Lifesong, but the path she must follow leads into Darkness; into terror, treachery and desire.

To survive she must give voice to a music that she hardly understands, an enchantment that will echo through all time.

My thoughts:  Wow, what a plot!  The main character, Tabitha Serannon is a charming young girl, a tavern singer with an amazing voice and a Truthsayer with aspirations of becoming a Lightgifter and healer like her mother, but then she hears the Lifesong and her whole life changes.  Suddenly we are thrown into this magical world of Dark and Light fighting to rule the Kingdom of Eyri.  Tabitha has to find the wizard who owns the magical ring she bears as she becomes aware of it's and her own capabilities and the power of the Lifesong.  Tabitha is helped (or is she?) on her journey by the Riddler, Twardy Zarost, who was hilarious.  I laughed many, many times at his great sense of humour.  There were riddles to solve, evil demon beasts to fight, spells to cast, Light to save, characters to hate, characters to adore and of course there was love ... and who couldn't love the gorgeous male lead in this book, the Swordmaster Garyll Glavenor.  A true gentleman and leader of the Swords who has a soft spot for Tabitha, and she for him.

Although this book is very long with 643 pages of small print (although if you find small print hard to read, there is also a Kindle edition), it is well worth reading.  I found that I couldn't even begin to second guess where this plot was going.  Fast moving storyline which becomes deeper and thicker the more into the book you move.  The characters are well rounded and arouse an array of emotion.  Hate, love, fear, hopelessness, happiness, thrills and exhaustion.  You name it and I felt it for these characters.  The ending is nicely rounded up with no loose ends, but I've come to love Eyri and it's wonderful characters and am looking forward to reading the second book in The Tale of the Lifesong.

Magical!  That's how I would describe it.  I was hooked from the very first page and I could tell I was in for a fabulous reading journey.  Greg Hamerton did not let me down.  If you love fantasy, go and lose yourself in The Riddler's Gift.

My rating:  5 stars

I thought you might like this short video of Greg Hamerton reading an excerpt from the book.

If you'd like to read the preface and the first chapter of this book for yourself online, click here. For Greg Hamertons website, click here.


Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Okay, I must have this book to read! Thanks for the great review!

Gina @ My Precious said...

What a thoughtful review. I'm drawn to the book, initially by the cover, after reading your rave review I feel like I should give it a try, BUT... I'm so afraid of the length!!! I have so many other books I'm supposed to read and review. Maybe I should just put this one on my wishlist for a rainy day( or season - lol) said...

This sounds like my kind of book!! I am going to order it now. thanks