Friday, 21 January 2011

The Time Will Come #1

Jodie over at Books for Company has started a new meme for Thursdays (I've only just seen her post and I know it's not Thursday now, but I'm going to join in anyway).

What you have to do is pick a book from your bookshelf that you've had for a while and really can't wait to read, but haven't managed to get to yet.  Put the details on your blog and please link back to Jodie if you join in.  So come on, what are you waiting for!

The book I've chosen to show in the first 'The Time Will Come' is:

GHOST TOWN by Rachel Caine

Time on my shelf:  3 months - ever since it's release.

I've had other books for a lot longer than this one, but it's been my 'next to read' book for the whole time I've had it and something else has always cropped up.

Goodreads Synopsis:  While developing a new system to maintain Morganville's defenses, student Claire Danvers discovers a way to amplify vampire mental powers. Through this, she's able to re-establish the field around this vampire-infested Texas college town that protects it from outsiders.

But the new upgrades have an unexpected consequence: people inside the town begin to slowly forget who they are-even the vampires.  Soon, the town's little memory problem has turned into a full-on epidemic. Now Claire needs to figure out a way to pull the plug on her experiment- before she forgets how to save Morganville...


Leanna (Daisy Chain Book Reviews) said...

Cool idea for a meme. I have so many books on my shelf that fit the bill!

Attack of the Book! said...

This is the second time this week that I've heard about Rachel Caine. I haven't read any of her books but from the descriptions I think I will. It sounds like I might actually like her books!

I've had Mockingjay on my shelf since it's been released and have yet to read that one as well.

Don't forget that I am creating a book meme directory over at my site, so your friend might want to add her meme to it.

Jenny said...

I'm with you on this one! I blew through the 1st 4 books and I have 5 and 6 waiting for me, I just haven't gotten there yet. I love this series, but other books keep coming out and I jump to them first but I really want to get caught up for this one and then Bite Club!

Melissa (i swim for oceans) said...

I love this meme, and I really would love to read this one, too! I haven't read anything by the author yet...can you believe it?

Happy Friday!

Carissa said...

Yay for Morganville! I absolutely adore this series!

Anonymous said...

Great idea for a meme! I should really join too! I have lots of stuff backed up since last Christmas!

Also, I really like the cover of that book.

BooksforCompany said...

Yay so glad everyone likes the meme!
l will be added a linky next Thursday at my site for everyone to join in =)

Cozy in Texas said...

I started reading Caught by Harlan Coben. A friend gave it to me and it has been on the bottom of the pile for a while.

thebookfairyhaven said...

Oh, I like this idea for a meme. There are so many books that are sitting on my shelf and waiting to be read that I just haven't gotten around to yet. Hope you find some time to read Ghost Town - this is a series that I have also yet to read!