Friday, 11 February 2011

Review: 0.4 by Mike Lancaster

0.4 by Mike Lancaster

Publisher:  Egmont Books Ltd
Released:  January 2011
Review Format:  Paperback Edition (own copy)
Read:  February 2011

It's a brave new world.

'My name is Kyle Straker.  And I don't exist anymore.'

So begins the story of Kyle Straker, recorded onto old audiotapes. You might think these tapes are a hoax, but perhaps they contain the history of a past world....If what the tapes say is true, it means that everything we think we know is a lie.

And if everything we know is a lie, does that mean that we are, too?

This story is set out in a very unusual way.  It starts out with an Editor’s note explaining about some audio cassettes that have been found and passed on to the authorities.  The tapes are then transcribed by the authorities and written down as told on tape by Kyle, the main character.  There are no ‘chapters’ in the book as such, just Tape One, side 1, Tape One, side 2 etc.  I know it sounds strange, but it works.  Really well.

0.4 was a very quick read at just 273 pages and I devoured it in just two sittings.  It tells the story of Kyle Straker, a teen from Millgrove, a small village in Cambridgeshire, England and three of his fellow villagers. Lilly is a teenager like Kyle, but the other two main characters Kate O’Donnell and Mr Peterson, are both adults, which I thought was unusual for a Young Adult book, but it worked well.  Although there’s not a lot of information about the characters’ lives before the ‘event’ took place that changed everything for them, I really felt like I knew the characters.  They were all likeable and totally believable.

Mike Lancaster has an awesome imagination to come up with a plot like this.  Just as I thought I understood where we were going, everything changed and I was kept guessing right up to the last page.  0.4 isn’t a scary book, but the concept will creep you out.  I’m getting goose bumps again just thinking about it and I can guarantee it’s not a book you’ll forget about in a month or two!

As you’ve probably guessed, I really enjoyed this book.  There’s no blood and gore, sex or bad language and I think it will be enjoyed by teens and adults alike.  I would really love to hear more about Kyle and Lilly and what happened after this book ended.  I read on I Was a Teenage Book Geek’s review of this book that there is to be a sequel, which is great news!

Would I recommend this book?  Most definitely!  Go pick yourself a copy up this weekend.  You won’t regret it!

My rating:  4 stars


BooksforCompany said...

I love books where you think you have guessed it all then it suddenly changes!!
I so want to read this, sounds really good!

Gina @ My Precious said...

This sounds really good. Not like something I've read before. Would you say it leans more towards sci-fi or dystopian? I went to and darn it, the author hasn't released it for e-readers. I hope it is available on the kindle soon. It sounds like a book I would like. Great review, btw.

The Slowest Bookworm said...

Gina - it is a little of both, but more towards the sci-fi side I guess. Not deep though. A very easy and fascinating read.

La Coccinelle said...

Sounds like a good read!

Briana said...

This book definitely seems different. But in a good way! I'm intrigued- great review! :)

Don't Sleep, Read said...

I like books that are creepy like that! I'll have to check this out.

T.B. said...

I caught wind of this book on Aylee's blog, Recovering Potter Addict. It intrigued me then to! I'm so glad that you enjoyed 0.4, and I cannot wait to read it. It reminds me very much of the book Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher, as that too, is mostly told in cassette tapes. Wonderful review!

That Book Blog said...

Glad I bought it, sounds like a good read (:

Aylee said...

How fascinating about the tapes. Glad you liked it because this one is on my TBR!

Small Review said...

No, I'm resisting the allure! I have too many books right now! Ugh, who am I kidding? I have zero will power. Especially in the face of your awesome review. :)

thebookfairyhaven said...

I love the sound of this. I admit to being curious about this book but haven't seen many reviews for this up until now. Based on your review, I'm definitely am going to give this one a chance!

Chrizette said...

This book is already on my wish list and sounds like an awesome read. Maybe will have to bump it up a bit :)

Anonymous said...

Look, the book review you've written is good, but in truth the book moves really slowly despite its small size. Just saying, though, the book is bad, but your review is great :)