Thursday, 3 February 2011

The Time Will Come #2

Jodie over at Books for Company has started a new meme for Thursdays.  It's really easy to join in.  Here's what you have to do:
  • Pick a book from your bookshelf that you've had for a while and really can't wait to read, but haven't managed to get to yet.  
  • Put the details on your blog and head back over to Jodie's blog to fill in the Mr Linky.
  • Go and visit some other bloggers who are joining in. 
So come on, what are you waiting for!

ANGEL by L.A. Weatherly

I've had this book since it was first published and I still haven't managed to read it.  I guess Angel isn't technically 'on my bookshelf' as it's actually on my Kindle.  But if my Kindle is on my bookshelf, does that count?

In a world where angels are beyond redemption, Alex thinks he's found one that might deserve mercy.  Alex is a ruthless assassin - of angels.  Forget everything you've heard about them before.  Angels are not benign celestial creatures, but fierce stalkers whose irresistible force allows them to feed off humans, draining them of their vitality until there is barely anything left.  As far as Alex is concerned, the only good angel is a dead angel...until he meets Willow.

She may look like a normal teenager but Willow is no ordinary girl.  Half-angel, half-human, Willow may hold the key to defeating the evil angels.  But as the hunter and the hunted embark on an epic and dangerous journey and Willow learns the dark and terrifying secrets of her past, Alex finds himself drawn to Willow...with devastating consequences.  Eoin Colfer reinvented the fairy, Stephenie Meyer reinvented the vampire, L.A. Weatherly reinvents the angel!  This is a heart-pounding, knuckle-whitening, paranormal romance action-adventure for fans of the "Twilight" series.  This is the first in a devastating new trilogy.

Synopsis from Goodreads


BooksforCompany said...

I always count my books on my kindle too! =)
I have read this Karen and enjoyed it, its a good read and quite different (l felt!)
Thank you for joining in =)

Avery said...

You've had this book for awhile and you haven't gotten around to reading it yet?!? :O!
Are you crazy? I have been wanting to read this forever.... But like you said, sooooo many good books to read and not enough hours in the day. What a booger. ;)

Leanna (Daisy Chain Book Reviews) said...

You must read this one soon. It's amazing! I loved it!!

Small Review said...

Kindle books totally count :) I want to read this book too, but the size keeps putting me off. Plus, in the US, I'm not even sure if I can read this book yet. I may be feeling guilty for neglecting a book I can't even get yet :P I hope you get to this soon!

Laura said...

This book sounds really good! I just put it on my TBR list :o) If it's on your kindle it totally counts! I have both books and ebooks that have been sorely neglected. In fact, I went to ALA in June last year and I still have books from my trip that I haven't gotten to! I'm so ashamed!

Book Passion for Life said...

Love this book :)
SO looking forward to the next book.
Great blog :)