Sunday, 20 March 2011

In My Mailbox #20

In My Mailbox is a great meme from The Story Siren.  If you'd like to take part, visit The Story Siren's IMM page for further details.

(All clickable book titles link to Goodreads)

THE LIMIT by Kristen Landon

Hardback Edition received from UK Book Tours (thank you Lynsey)
I have read this one and my review will be up in a week or two.

Paperback Edition from the charity shop.  I bought this one and Before I Forget and paid just £1.25 for both!

BEFORE I FORGET by Melissa Hill

Paperback Edition from the charity shop.


Paperback Edition, again from a charity shop but a different one than the other two.  Mum and I went to one of the village centres on Monday and had a mooch around. This was one of three bought together (two of which were mums) and we got the lot for £1.00!


Kindle Edition

RAISING DEMONS by Rachel Hawkins

Paperback Edition

This is the second book in the Hex Hall series and is called Demonglass in the US.

GET WELL SOON by Julie Halpern

Paperback Edition


Paperback Edition

DARKEST MERCY by Melissa Marr

Paperback Edition

And I also won a fabulous Breathless poster signed by all five authors over at Alyssa's blog, The Babbling Bookworm.  I actually received it last week and was hoping to frame it before taking a picture.  Things didn't work out that way and I didn't want to leave it any longer without showing you, soooo:

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AtenRa @ Just Another Book Blog said...

Demonglass is amazing!
And I love that poster!
Happy reading :)

That Book Blog said...

I read Before I Forget about a year ago. It's pretty good. Hope you enjoy it, and all your other books too, of course :)

Karen (Teen Fiction For All Ages) said...

What a fabulous poster! I'm looking forward to Raising Demons and am now investigating The Limit.

Uniquely Moi Books said...

Such a Pretty Girl looks really good! I just read Wicked Lovely. The only other book I need of that series is Darkest Mercy. You got some great deals! Have a great week!

Christy @ReaderBee said...

Great books!! I still need to read Radiant Shadows and Darkest Mercy! I can't wait to see what you think of these! Happy Reading!

StephTheBookworm said...

You got some awesome deals on some great books!

Akasha Hale & Lexus Salvatore said...

Great book haul. I"m completely jealous of that signed poster but congrats on the win.

-Happy Reading. Please check out my IMM Vlog when you have the chance.

Alison said...

Fab reads! I love the cover for the Sara Shepard book and for Raising Demons/Demonglass.

Ravenous Reader said...

Congrats on the awesome poster! totally envious! I am also excited for your great haul this week. The Darkest Mercy was really good and Dominion has a great cover.

Happy Reading :)

The Fiction Fairy said...

All the things we didn't say looks so pretty! I've never heard of this one, but now I want to read it!

abeautifulmadness said...

You got great books! I just started reading the Wicked Lovely series las week. And I'm completly jealous you got Raising Demons, I can't seem to find the Hex Hall sequel in any bookstore near me =(

ComaCalm said...

Awesome books! I have none of these. :(

SJH (A Dream of Books) said...

Lovely books this week and your poster is fantastic! That's going to look so pretty framed and on your wall :)

DJL said...

What a great list of reads! :) I've got to check all of them out. And that is one awesome poster that I hope you're able to get framed soon. New follower here and happy reading!

Missie said...

Congrats on winning the poster! That is awesome.

I just got Such a Pretty Girl too but I'm liking your cover better. And wow, I didn't know Demonglass had a different title. That is so cool. I love comparing.

Great haul this week. Looks like you found some amazing book deals.

кєяo said...

Wow, great books!
Have a great time reading your books. My IMM

Cliona said...

Awesome poster! Jealoussssssss! You're charity shop has some great books and great deals, lucky you.

Alyssa said...

Great haul =)

Loveeee the cover of Raising Demons !! I didn't realize the UK edition had a different tile than the US edition.

&Yay! It looks like the poster got to you in good condition - I was so worried it might have gotten bent or wet while traveling over there.

Jenny said...

Oh I love JL Bryan! I'm not familiar with this book of his so I'll have to look it up:) Can't wait to see what you think of the Wicked Lovely books as well, that's a series I need to get caught up on:)

Majanka Verstraete said...

I'm not too fond of the fact they called the sequel to Hex Hall Demonglass in the US and Raising Demons in the UK. It's confusing. Putting that aside, I am looking forward to reading that novel. I heard a lot of good things about the Hex Hall series, and about The Wicked Lovely series as well. Happy reading!

So, what's in my mailbox this week?

Gina @ My Precious said...

What a great bunch of books you got this week. I'm looking forward to reading your review on The Limit because the cover looks cool. You used the word "mooching" in your IMM what does it mean? I know what it means here in the US but I don't think it has the same meaning in your country. I'm curious to hear.

Sally said...

Great books this week. Raising Demons is still on my tbr pile.
Happy reading.

ComaCalm said...

@Gina: Visit, you should get a good idea there!

Jennifer A said...

Oooo! Lots of books I have never heard of before! I'll have to go check them out.

I love the Wicked Lovely series. I'm rereading the first four so I can go get the fifth one and be all caught up again. The cover of Darkest Mercy is gorgeous!


Brittany @ Nice Girls Read Books said...

I always get thrown for a loop when I see the alternate titles for the Hex Hall series :P I hope you enjoy it!

Check out my IMM this week!

Melissa (i swim for oceans) said...

I love the sound of Such a Pretty Girl. Fabulous haul of books this week! I can't wait for all your reviews :D

-k said...

Great reads this week. I personally can't wait to get my hands on a copy of Demonglass as soon as I can. And I have to admit that I haven't heard anything about All the Things We Didn't Say, but I'll have to check up on it. It looks great.
Happy reading!

BooksforCompany said...

Congrats on winning the poster.
l have had All The Things We Didn't Say for ages! l feel so bad for leaving it for so long!
Look forward to your review of The Limit =)

Debra's Book Cafe said...

Fantastic Haul.... You got Raising Demons... I loved that book.... :-)

Your Average Book Worms said...

Awesome IMM!

Check out my IMM this week!

Clover said...

A lot of great books there! I'm particularly intrigued by Get Well Soon! I've been on the lookout lately for books that deal with mental health, and depression in particular. I shall eagerly await your review and look out for the book.