Saturday, 9 April 2011

In My Mailbox #23

In My Mailbox is a great meme from The Story Siren.  If you'd like to take part, visit The Story Siren's IMM page for further details.

As I have a lot of books to show you this week, I decided to do a vlog.  Now be warned, I must be one of the oldest book bloggers around so please ignore the wrinkles!  Enjoy!

Books mentioned:
Seven Sorcerers by Caro King
A Girl Called Blue by Marita Conlon-McKenna
Deadly Little Secret by Laurie Faria Stolarz
Deadly Little Lies by Laurie Faria Stolarz
Department 19 by Will Hill
Scarred by Julia Hoban
Born at Midnight by C.C. Hunter
Delirium by Lauren Oliver (thank you A!)
The Shadowing: Hunted by Adam Slater (thank you Becky at The Bookette. Click this link to read the post I was talking about in the vlog and to see the scary cover!)
The Evil Within by Nancy Holder
The Screaming Season by Nancy Holder
Laney by Joann I. Martin Sowles (for review - thank you Joann)
Yesterdays Treasures by Richard Denning (for review - thank you Richard)

I also received the following e-books for review:


e-book for review (thank you Brian)

JOE IS ONLINE by Chris Wimpress

e-book for review (thank you Chris)

THE EIGHTH SCROLL by Dr. Laurence B. Brown

e-book for review (thank you to Jeff Rivera from The Gatekeepers Post)

And that's what I got in my mailbox this week.  What did you get in yours?


Mel said...

Great vlog Karen!

I too adore bookmarks and think you can never have too many! :)

Some fab books there and I hope you enjoy them - looking forward to seeing your reviews.

BooksforCompany said...

This is a great vlog!!
Please carry on doing them! xD
I wish l lived near you so l could use your bookshelf as a personal library like A! Lol
Great books and SO many.
I hope you enjoy the Deadly Little Secret series!!! and thank you so much for my book again =)

Dizzy C said...

Congrats on the Vlog. :)

Nice to see you :)

Enjoy ur books


Toni Anderson said...

It's cute!

Vivienne said...

Blooming heck! That arrived quickly. Thanks for the mention, made me blush. Some fabulous books and a brilliant vlog. I am going to have to do one of these.

Phanee said...

Great vlog! It's always nice seeing the person behind the words!

Hope you enjoy all of the books you got this week! :)

Raimy-rawr said...

Great Vlog! :D
You got loads of books this week! I'm very impressed! I am so tempted to go and get that seven sourcers book which you saw on Viv's blog too. it sounds really good! :D

Jenny said...

I thought you did a fantastic vlog! And you had such an impressive book week, way to go you! I have Born at Midnight on my list as well, I've read mixed reviews but I still really want to read it. Can't wait to see what you think!

Small Review said...

I love your vlog! Your enthusiasm is so contagious. :) I'm so with you about the cover of Seven Sorcerers. It's gorgeous!

Christy @TheReaderBee said...

So many great books! I'm really looking forward to reading Delirium and Born at Midnight. Enjoy!

Gina @ My Precious said...

You are so brave! I'd never want to do a vlog. And no! I don't believe you are the oldest blogger yet. I'm pretty old myself - 44yrs! So, yeah, I do know what you mean about wrinkles, but I didn't see any on your vlog! By the way I adore your accent...

You received a bundle of books this week. What a haul. I hope you enjoy Delirium I liked it a lot. So many good books, I hope you have time to get some read and reviewed.

Don't Sleep, Read said...

I don't see any wrinkles! Vlogs are fun because you can see how excited people are about their new books. I might do one eventually but I am a bit camera-shy myself.

Great books this week! I'm going to have to check out the Laurie Faria Stolarz series. And I'm excited about Born at Midnight and Delirium, both sound great!

Thanks for commenting my post. :D

Aisle B said...

You got a heaping amount and I laughed when I saw the cover for Joe is online. Going to look into that one next.

Mine is up so come if you get a chance. I'm serving up chocolates seeing as Easter is round the corner :)

Aisle B :

Stephanie (Books Are A Girl's Best Friend) said...

Looks like you had a fabulous book week-nice vlog! I loved Delirium, it's one of the best books I've read in a while. I've got A Girl Called Blue but it's been sitting on my bookshelf unread for a very long time- thanks for reminding me about it. Enjoy all your new books :)

Nikki-ann said...

I haven't watched the vlog as I don't have sound on this PC, but it looks like you got a lot of great books this week. I hope you enjoy them all :)

Lori said...

Wow! You got a lot of great books!! I hope you enjoy them all!!

Blueicegal ♥ said...

Department 19 was just fantastic! I'll be looking out for your review!

Kate said...

You got a lot of books this week! Can't wait to read the reviews, particuarly for Born at Midnight :)

I love watching vlog IMM's :D

Zoe Crook said...

A vlog is a great idea! I love your blog and reviews. If you have time, please visit my site back... :)
Zoe x

Sally said...

Wow- great haul of books this week!
Happy reading!

Miss Page-Turner said...

YAY, great always. Cool you did a vlog:) I loved Delirium and want to read Born at Midnight soon. Have fun with your new books!

Sally said...

Great books this week. Have to catch up on the Deadly Little series.
Happy reading.

Celesta said...

Good vlog! Quite the books you've got there! I also have Happy Birthday to me and am excited to see what you think of it! Happy Reading!


Nikki (Wicked Awesome Books) said...

I think you should do vlogs more often because I could listen to you forever....and I saw no wrinkles that needed ignoring!

Great books this week. I can't believe you picked up the first two at such a low price. I'm tempted to get Seven Sorcerers myself and have it shipped to the US. It's not extremely cheap, but $11 isn't much, especially since the book isn't even out here yet.

Enjoy all the new books :) I can't wait to see what you think about Department 19.

Jennifer A said...

I am in love with your accent! I could listen to you all day. :)

Great vlog! I really do hope you do it again.

Seven Sorcerers has such an interesting and pretty cover! I'll definitely have to check that one out.

I can't wait to get Born At Midnight. I've hears such great things about it.

Jennifer of Little Shelf

Clover said...

What a wonderful vlog Karen! I love how enthusiastic you are about your bargain books :) and there were just SO many books! Brilliant stuff :)

Book Passion for Life said...

So many books :) I've wanted to read Born at Midnight for a while so will look forward to your review. Donna x

Uniquely Moi Books said...

How awesome of you to do a vlog! I have the Deadly Little Secrets sries but haven;t read them yet. Love the cover of Seven Sorcerers-and GREAT deal! Possessions started out a little slow for me but I enjoyed the ending. I hope you like the second and third books more than the first. Swinging by late this week! It's been busy on my side. Enjoy the rest of the week!