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A Small Free Kiss In The Dark Blog Tour & Giveaway

Glenda Millard
Welcome to the second day in the 'A Small Free Kiss In The Dark' blog tour.  Liz over at My Favourite Books hosted the opening stop on the tour with a guest post from the author, Glenda Millard and a review of the book.  You really must stop by to see what Liz and Glenda have to say!

Today I've got a treat for you as the awesome Templar Publishing have allowed me to post an excerpt from the book AND we have a giveaway too. (UK only)

I thought that first maybe you'd like to read the synopsis?  It sounds intriguing and I'm hoping to get to read the book myself very soon.
Skip's an outsider. He's never fitted in. So he takes to the streets. Life there may be hard, but it's better than the one he's left behind, especially when he teams up with old homeless man Billy. Then come the bombs which bring little Max and Tia, the sad dancer with a tiny baby, into Skip and Billy's world. Scavenging for food, living on love and imagination - how log can Skip's fragile new family hold out as war grips the city?
Synopsis from Templars website.
So now that your appetite has been whetted, how about an excerpt? This is taken from pages 34 to 36
Red is brave, happy, loud and fast, and sometimes dangerous or angry. Black is soft, slow, silent and sad, but it can be angry, too. I know this because of the words chalked on the footpath next to Chief Seattle:

“When our young men grow angry at some real or imaginary wrong, and disfigure their faces with black paint, it denotes that their hearts are black.”

War is mostly black and red.

Bradley Clark thought everyone else was the devil when he had his fits. He tried to stab people with his potato peeler, and hurled furniture at the walls of the refuge. He was like a shattered stained-glass window: something beautiful that’s broken; a million colours fallen on the ground where no light can get through.

When I woke up in the night after I’d drawn the lily pond there was no colour and no light. There was only sound. More sound than I’d ever heard in my life. Enough to make my eardrums bleed. My eyes, nose and mouth were full of dust. No room for air, no breath to scream for help and no way anyone could have heard. My body hurtled out of control. I was a star falling into a black hole. I was Bradley Clark, possessed by the devil, inside a concrete mixer or an earthquake, going mad. I was a damaged person. And then something clicked in my brain and I knew I was in the skip. I had to get out, dodge bricks, broken concrete, cover my head, find the lid and breathe. My lungs were about to explode when the skip slammed hard into something and stopped. The lid peeled back as easy as a note off a sticky pad. The skip was on its side. Rubbish spewed out on the street. I dragged a mixture of dust and air down my windpipe, pulled my legs free and crawled out into the red and the black.

The world was full of screaming: people, sirens, alarms and machines. Fires burned everywhere. The skyline was a bleeding mouth of broken teeth.

I ran and ran, looking for a place I knew, a face I knew; looking for Billy. I dodged massive concrete columns flung across the streets like pick-up sticks, ran past
stairways going nowhere, windows with no glass, piles of steel spaghetti and water gushing metres high from broken pipes. I saw lanes of cars crushed flat, like soft-drink cans, with their drivers still inside them. I threw up beside an upside down bus. Its windows were filled with squashed faces and staring eyes that didn’t see me. My trainers stuck to the dark stains that leaked out on the footpath, and I ran again. Clouds of dust and smoke and darkness made it hard to find my way.

“Billy! Billy!” I screamed, thinking I’d never find him because I didn’t even know where I was. Then I saw a huge, stained-glass window. There was no building, not even a wall, just the window with a fire burning somewhere behind. It was a miracle. I thought that window might be the last beautiful thing left on earth, so I scrambled over the rubble and stood in front of it. The crimson and the amber fell across my bleeding arms. The man in the glass had blood on his head and his hands and on his pure, white robe. He had a long beard, and for a second I thought he might be a terrorist, but then I noticed he was holding a lamb and a curly walking stick, not a gun.

I hope you enjoyed that. I certainly did!

Templar Fiction have monthly giveaways and review competitions on their Facebook page where readers can get advance copies of some of their future releases. You can also find them on Twitter at @templarbooks.

So now you've had a sneak preview, do you want to win a copy of A Small Free Kiss In The Dark? Please complete the form below and I will draw a winner in one week (3rd May 2011).

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I ended up entering twice, as I clicked the button before I finished writing my address. I am such a ditz! Great competition btw.

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Never heard of it before but this sounds soo good! I love the cover! Thanks for featuring:)