Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Book Review: Better Together by Raymond Rose


Publisher:  Christopher Williams Books
Released:  October 2010
Review Format:  Kindle Edition
Source:  received from the author, with thanks.

Paul Rhoads, a successful horror novelist, has moved back to his hometown in Pennsylvania. Moving back home turns out to be more than just returning to his roots but starting up a relationship with his high school sweetheart, Annie.

Annie, recently divorced, is the mother of a precious eight month old, Max. However, when Annie dies in a freak car accident, Paul finds himself catapulted into the role of father and decides to do something he would never have imagined himself doing: raise Max as his own.
Synopsis from Goodreads.
Better Together is about Paul Rhoads who ends up bringing up his new wife’s child alone after her untimely death. Baby Max’s real father wants nothing to do with him and Paul is left quite literally, holding the baby. Paul is like any other new parent. He worries that he’s doing things wrong and feels a little out of his depth. It made me smile, as I remember those days well with my one and only child being just 4 years old now.

It would have been nice to have read more about Paul and Max doing things together. Life with a baby is hard when you’re on your own and I kind of felt that a lot more could have been told about how Paul coped with this situation.

I did like Paul. He had his head screwed on AND he loved books! I was amazed and shocked at a particular play group scene. There were some very sexist views stated by some of the mums there and I was left stunned and wondering if there really are people around these days who still think like that.

I found myself shouting out loud at Paul on a couple of occasions, like when he went on his very first date since the death of his wife, Annie. I was embarrassed and mortified for him and just couldn’t believe what he was saying.

If you fancy a bit of entertaining romance with a single dad then I would give this book a go. It was a very engaging and pleasant read, although quite predictable and I feel it was just missing something to give it that “umph” and push it up to 4 stars.

My rating:  3 stars


Cliona said...

This sounds quite interesting.

Gina @ My Precious said...

Hmm the premise sounds really good. I might enjoy this more as a movie though, than a book.

Very informative review, thanks for the introduction to this book.