Sunday, 8 May 2011

Book Review: Moon Spell by Samantha Young

MOON SPELL by Samantha Young

Publisher: CreateSpace
Released: 1st March 2011
Review Format: Kindle Edition with thanks to Samantha Young
Series:  The Tale of Lunarmorte, Book 1

Enter a world of fierce wolves, stunning magic and romance...

Existing in the shadows of our world are supernatural races; children blessed by the ancient Greek gods with unimaginable gifts, and at present they are fighting a two thousand year old war with one another.

The Midnight Coven, an alliance of dark magiks, faeries, and daemons born of black magik, believe that vampyres and lykans are lesser supernaturals and a threat to mankind.  The Daylight Coven, a confederate of light magiks, faeries, vampyres and lykans, believe in the equality of the races.

Into this war, seventeen year old Caia Ribeiro is born, a lykan with a heritage unlike any other. A heritage that, whether she wants it to or not, will put her into the ver heart of battle.

Wow! When I started Moon Spell I knew within a couple of pages that I was going to love this book. In that short time I already adored the main character and the writing and plot just totally grabbed my attention. The main character, Caia, starts off as a pretty quiet girl who keeps herself to herself. She knows the basics of her heritage, but not much more. As her situation changes, so does her need to know more about herself and her family, and I was right there with her. I really needed to know too! I watched as Caia grew to understand herself, her heritage, her friends and her enemies and wow, did she turn into one helluva cool kick-ass heroine!

Moon Spell is packed with all the paranormal creatures we love – witches, faeries, daemons (well, maybe we don’t love them so much) and mostly, *swoon*, Lykans. I kinda have a thing for werewolves – not the grossly deformed kind from horror films, but the ones we have grown to know and love recently in YA books – the ones that actually look like huge wolfy mutts.

Samantha gave the chapters little titles too and I thought that was really fun. I do love it when authors just add these little extra touches. The only thing I didn’t like much about this book was the cover. It’s pretty plain and unassuming and I don’t think it would have grabbed my attention much if I’d just been flittering around Amazon looking for something to read. I just think with a story like this there is so much more that could’ve been done with that cover.

Moon Spell had me laughing, crying and holding my breath for so long it hurt! It was most definitely a page turner for me. An exciting and enjoyable read and I would highly recommend this to fans of Young Adult paranormal and shape-shifter novels.  I have already downloaded the other two books in the series!

My rating:  5 stars

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Sally said...

wow- this looks good! Great review Karen!

Jules (The Great, The Good and The Bad) said...

This sounds like a great book and I love when you read something that you really enjoy! :D

Alex Bennett from Electrifying Reviews said...

I've heard such good things about this series that I downloaded all three for my Nook! Thanks for another great review!

Makayla said...

Sounds amazing, I will give it a go!!

Jennifer A said...

Wow, this book sounds great! I definitely have to check it out.

I never really would have given this book a chance, so I'm glad you reviewed it! I have to agree that they could really use a different cover. :/

Fabulous review! :)

Oh, and thanks for the compliment on my vlog. :)
Jennifer of Little Shelf

Gina @ My Precious said...

Honestly, from the cover and the goodreads summary, I'd not have given the book a second thought. It sounds far too science fiction like and heavy fantasy for me to appreciate.

But then comes your review, you give the book a whole new perspective. I think you've persuaded me to at least give this one a try.