Friday, 20 May 2011

Book Review: Tikmia by F.H. Faizal

TIKMIA by F.H. Faizal

Publisher:  F.H. Faizal
Released:  10th May 2011
Review Format:  Kindle Edition
Source:  own
Series: The Tikmia Trilogy book 1

Seventeen year old Alia's life on the seemingly-perfect island is shrouded by lies. Everything she's loved has been taken away from her - even her memory.

Who killed her parents? Who's taking the orphans she's spent the past two years with?  Why does the man she despise resemble her so much? Who is he?  Her only source of happiness is her two sisters - she will do anything to keep them safe.

Until she fails. Until she is forced to choose. One sister will live, the other will die.

Alia and her sister find out everything is not as it seems. No one is who they say they are. Soon, they find out that they are part of something greater - an experiment that results in the creation of a new race. They look like us, but they are faster, stronger, and they feed on the raw flesh of animals.

And worse, the red-eyed Tikmia are intelligent and they have the ability to change shape at whim.

A devastating fire, a mysterious, mesmerizing creature, the colors Alia now sees - everything leads back to the Tikmia.
Synopsis from Goodreads.
The first thing I noticed about this book was the pretty cover.  I love the use of the bright colours and now that I’ve read the book I understand that those colours actually mean something to the story.  I think it looks a bit like an eye with the girl (Alia) as the pupil.  Do you see that?

The story follows Alia as she tries to discover the truth about the island where she, her sisters and a few hundred other orphans live.   Only they’re not the only ones who live there.  The island is also inhabited by a new race called Tikmin.   Tikmin are kind of humanlike, but a lot more evil.  Another Mr Evil is the Doctor who runs the island.  Alia can see right through him and she loathes him.  She can’t understand why her sister seems to think he’s ok.  We follow Alia as she slowly starts to find out what is actually happening on their island and why the other orphans keep disappearing.

Faizal did a great job with the characters in Tikmia.  Eben was my favourite – good looking and extremely protective of Alia.  I had a few *swoon* moments over him.  Alia and her sisters can’t remember their past, but as the story progresses we find out more and more and those things get more and more shocking!  I know as a reader I probably wasn’t meant to like the Tikmia, but I did (lol) and I would have liked to have known more about Lily and some of the others as people … erm I mean Tikman.  I was intrigued by them!

This debut novel is a nice easy read with plenty of action, suspense and pretty cool plot twists.  On more than one occasion I thought I’d guessed where we were heading only to find I was wrong.  Even down to the very last page.  I would never have guessed THAT was going to happen! Now I most definitely need to read the second book in the trilogy!

My rating:  4 stars

Before I go, I just wanted to say a few words about the author of Tikmia.  F.H. Faizal is none other than our very own Hafsah from IceyBooks and this is her debut novel!  I'll be welcoming Hafsah over here in a couple of days to do an author guest post.  I do hope you'll pop back to see what Hafsah has to say and to watch the fabulous trailer for Tikmia.


Vivienne said...

The cover is amazing. I would have been drawn to that, quicker than a magpie to a shiny piece of foil! I like the sound of the story too, so definitely going on my wishlist.

Jules (The Great, The Good and The Bad) said...

I haven't heard about this one before! It does sound interesting thou and I can see why the cover caught your attention.

Hafsah @ IceyBooks said...

Thanks for the awesome review! You're not the only one who likes Eben ;)

Cozy in Texas said...

Thanks for the review.

Gina @ My Precious said...

Wow! I'm so impressed about "Icey Books" writing this book. I'm a follower, but had no idea she was a writer. AND she's just 18yrs old.

I'm going to give this one a try. Thanks for introducing me to this one! Great review btw.