Monday, 20 June 2011

Book Review: Yesterday's Treasurers by Richard Denning


Publisher:  Mercia Books
Released:  April 2011
Review Format:  Paperback
Source:  Received from the author in exchange for an honest review (thank you!)
Pages:  364
Series:  The Hourglass Institute #2
Everyone is searching for pieces of 'The Crown of Knossos:' historical artefacts which when assembled allow control over all of history in this and in the Twisted reality.

The Hourglass Institute, Redfeld's masters and even the Directorate are soon in the hunt. One by one the pieces are found but eventually Tom and the others discover who is really after The Crown and what their motivations are.

It is only then that they realise the extent of the danger, for 'Yesterday's Treasures' can mean the destruction of tomorrow.
It was so good to be back with Tom and his friends. It’s been a while since I read Tomorrow’s Guardian which was the first in the series, but it didn’t take me more than a couple of pages to catch up.

Tom has to save the world from imminent destruction and needs all the help he can get from his time travelling buddies to find all the pieces of the Crown of Knossos and stop this happening. I found Yesterday’s Treasures to be more complex than the previous book with many unexpected twists and turns, which I did not see coming. Although the plot was intricate, Denning did a great job of explaining exactly what was going on via Tom and kept the story at a level that middle graders can easily follow.

As you’d expect from a time travel novel, the main characters are not all from the same era. I loved how Denning made each one’s personality and traits so individual that you could totally believe that they were actually from that particular time. The protagonist in Yesterday’s Treasures is an 11 year old schoolboy called Tom. As we found out in the first book in this series, Tomorrows Guardian, Tom is a Walker and this means he can not only travel through time but also into parallel worlds.

I really enjoyed reading the first book in this series, but I totally loved Yesterday’s Treasures. The characters were amazing and I adored how Denning managed to bring great chunks of history back to life and create this fantastical time travel story around actual events. It is obvious that he has done a lot of research into the characters, events and places talked about in the book.

My final thoughts? Excellent! This series is a must read for time travel lovers, whether you’re a middle-grader or a grandparent!

My rating: 5 stars


Mel said...

I've been meaning to get my hands on this since I finished Tomorrow's Guardian and now I have no excuse! This makes it sound exactly like the time travel story I enjoy - thanks for the reminder! :)

Gina @ My Precious said...

Wow! Five stars. This one must be really good. I need to get my hands on the first book in this series, so I can catch up with where its going.