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Cover Reveal - The 3rd JENNY POX & Guest Post by Author JL Bryan (incl. Giveaway!)

I have something super-dooper exciting for your today here at The Slowest Bookworm!  If you've been with me for a while you'll know how much I've loved JL Bryan's Jenny Pox series (and if you don't, then go read my Jenny Pox and Tommy Nightmare reviews) so I'm really, REALLY excited to be part of the cover and title reveal for the third and last book in the series along with the Bewitched Bookworms and Supernatural Snark.

Close your eyes now ....

no peeking until I say ...

Ok, you can open your eyes NOW!  Ta-daaa!

Alexander Death!  OMG that title is just perfect!  I just don't think there could have been a better title to end this series.  And Jenny's back on the cover too!  It's just awesome!  What do you think guys?  Did you also notice the new name for the series?  Since I found Jenny Pox last year I've been calling the series 'the Jenny Pox series', but now JL Bryan has given it it's own real name:  The Paranormals.  I love it!

Now I'm going to hand you over to Mr Bryan as today is Jenny's birthday and he'd like to tell you a little about it.
It's Jenny's birthday!

Today we're celebrating the one-year anniversary of the publication of Jenny Pox, the story of a girl who can't touch anyone without infecting them with a supernatural plague, which can be instantly fatal. Lots of thanks to the Bewitched Bookworms, The Slowest Bookworm and Supernatural Snark for hosting the celebration!

When I develop story ideas, they can come in one of two basic ways. Some story ideas grow very slowly over time, gradually accumulating new elements, and I may think about them for years before actually writing the story—I call these “snowballs.”

At other times, a story can strike you from nowhere, fully formed, and you immediately need to start writing. These are the “lightning bolts.” Jenny was a lightning bolt. I know exactly where I was when I thought of it.

I'd like to say it was someplace cool, like a cafe in Venice, or hiking the Appalachians at sunset, but the truth is that I was just commuting to work on a weekday in August of 2009. One moment, I'd never thought about doing a story remotely like this one. The next, I knew everything about it—the girl's plague touch, how it would shape her life, how she would meet one boy who she could touch. The entire story was just there for the taking, and I took it.

I wrote the first draft in about a month, because I couldn't concentrate on anything else. I wrote lunch breaks, nights, and weekends, getting very little sleep, because the story was coming faster than I could keep up with it. I spent much more time in revision than I did writing that first draft.

I think the most interesting aspect of writing Jenny Pox was exploring the implications of the character's powers, and in particular how Jenny's poisonous touch had shaped her emotionally and socially. The basic rules were the same for each character: the power spreads through touch, it cannot be turned off, but it can be turned up—way, way up if the character is motivated enough, or has strong emotions. Beyond that, the world of Jenny Pox is just like our own, so it was interesting to explore a world where there are just a few rare touches of the paranormal, and how those most play out in realistic circumstances.

So that's the short story of the birth of Jenny Pox. A little-known fact: the first draft of the book actually began with the scene of Jenny's birth, which was horrific. I ended up taking it out, since it wasn't really necessary to the story, but I thought it would be an interesting thing to note on the book's birthday.

I'm always glad to hear from readers who enjoyed the story and really connected with the characters. The many reviews or comments asking for a sequel helped me decide to continue exploring Jenny's story, and make that first book into the first act of a trilogy. I want to offer a huge thanks to all the bloggers and readers who have kept Jenny alive since she was born one year ago!

If you'd like to know more about JL Bryan's awesome books, you can visit his website and you'll also find him on Facebook, Twitter and his own blog.

Alexander Death is out in September so if you'd like to catch up with The Paranormals in time for the release of the final book, you can buy book 1, Jenny Pox at all these places:

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Would you like to win a copy of the first two books in The Paranormals series - Jenny Pox and Tommy Nightmare?  I've kept entry easy, - just your name, email and blog if you have one.

The winner will be drawn next Friday (29th July).

And don't forget to visit Bewitched Bookworms who have a sneak preview of Alexander Death and Supernatural Snark who is hosting A Paranormal Predicament.  Both blogs are also running a giveaway so you can have more chances to win!


Samantha Young said...

A third book, awesome news, thanks for sharing! I love the cover and title too. I'm a huge fan of the first book but I haven't got around to reading Tommy Nightmare even though its right there on my kindle. Need to get my butt in gear on that one. Ooh, excited for this release now :-)

Clover said...

Oh that is a very pretty cover! And it certainly sounds like an interesting series. I like the emphasis on the psychological impact of the different powers. Very interesting guest post, thank you :)

Diana said...

This series sounds great!
Thanks for the giveaway.

JL Bryan said...

Thanks for having me over, Karen! I'm so glad you like the cover :)

Claudia Lefeve said...

You know, I'd buy another copy of Jenny Pox if you added "deleted scenes" :)

Jenny said...

Hm. I think I'm glad the scene of Jenny's birth didn't make the cut, based on the extent of her powers at the end of Jenny Pox I can only imagine how that scene would have gone. *shudders* So looking forward to Alexander Death!

Jules said...

I love the cover of the third book!

I have heard of this series but I haven't read them - definitely something to add to my wishlist! :D

Hannah said...

Thanks for the giveaway! :) I hadn't heard of this series but going to go plonk it on my wishlist now. <3

Once Upon A Time

Heather said...

Thanks for hosting the cover reveal of the last book in this series. And a big thank you, Jeff, for giving us a little bit of the background of Jenny Pox. One of the things I really love about Indie writers is the faster turn around time in books. Publishing an entire trilogy in one year with traditional publishing - impossible. But doing it the Indie way and maintaining high quality, entertaining writing - very doable.

Heather from Bewitched Bookworms

Denise Z said...

Happy birthday Jenny! What an awesome giveaway opportunity. I have been wanting to read this book for a long time. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post and giveaway opportunity.

latishajean said...

This sounds so good Thank you so much for the great giveaway!

Life Outloud said...

I love the new cover and would love a chance to win!