Friday, 12 August 2011

Internet Troubles

I am currently having trouble with my landline and internet connection.  Trouble as in neither are working ... at all.  Soo, I wont be online until the engineer comes out next week (currently arranged for Thursday).  I am at my parent's at the moment using their internet, but I wont be able to do this again until late next week.

I do have a few posts already scheduled, including the Bingo winner and my IMM for this Sunday which I have just written now from my parents computer, and a review and The Time Will Come post that I wrote earlier in the week too, but I wont be able to answer emails (I don't have email on my cell/mobile).

I'll sign off now as I need to get back home pretty soon, but have a lovely week everyone and I'll see you all soon.  Hopefully!


Hannah said...

Meep! Hope you get it sorted soon.

Birgit said...

Internet troubles ... every bloggers nightmare! Hope you're back soon :-) !

Mel said...

Hate it when that happens! Hope it all works out ok. :)

Small Review said...

Aw, when it rains it pours. I hope things start turning around for you soon :)