Friday, 2 September 2011

Blog Tour: Silas by Robert J. Duperre

Hello fellow book lovers!  As you can see from the title of this post, today I am hosting a stop on Robert J. Duperre's Silas blog tour.   As well as learning a little bit about Robert and his new book, there's also a chance for one lucky reader following the tour to win a Kindle3 WiFi, complete with a copy of Silas, The Rift Book I & II and and a personal note from Robert!

Robert J. Duperre is a lover of literature in all its forms. Be it horror, fantasy, science fiction, literary fiction, or even romance, he delves into it all and relishes every minute of it. It is his desire to show this love of all genres by creating wide-reaching stories that defy classification, that can reach the widest possible audience.

Robert lives in northern Connecticut with his wife, the artist Jessica Torrant, his three wonderful children, and Leonardo the one-eyed wonder yellow Lab. You can read more about Robert and his views and ideas by visiting
We thought it would be fun to make Robert work even harder on this tour so we asked him some questions about his tastes in music.  Here's what he said ...

1. Classical music or Classic Rock?

Classic Rock, but not by much.

2. Albums or downloads?

Right now, I’m not so sure. I own a great many CDs, but ironically enough I have nothing to play them on, so I just listen to itunes. Maybe one day I’ll get an ipod and that will all change…

3. Live or studio?

Studio. Definitely. In all my years of listening to music, Live After Death by Iron Maiden is the only live album I’ve enjoyed more than the studio versions.

4. Music while you write or silence?

Silence. I can’t listen to music when I write any more. I always end up singing along and not doing what I’m supposed to be doing.

5. Your favorite band (yes, I realize this is not a this or that, but will you still pick one?)

RUSH! The most powerful trio of all time! Followed closely by The Pixies and Soundgarden.

Robert J. Duperre, author of The Fall and Dead of Winter, now presents Silas, a contemporary fantasy novel.

Ken Lowery is a man at odds with his life. He hates his job, is disappointed in his marriage, and feels resigned to leading a mundane existence.

That all changes when his wife brings home a rambunctious Black Labrador puppy named Silas, who forges a remarkable connection with Ken and begins to heal his inner turmoil. When some neighborhood children start to go missing, he takes it upon himself to protect those around him and is thrust into a surreal world where monsters roam. Not everything is what it seems to be, he soon discovers, including his new best friend.


So, I bet you'd like to win a Kindle of your very own pre-loaded with some of Roberts books, just like this one here?

Answer the question of the day in the form below and you are entered in the Kindle3 Giveaway. The form provides you with two possible answers, of which you have to choose which you think is correct. (Questions center around a playlist of songs Rob put together for Silas). You will be awarded three points for the correct answer (one point for the wrong) with the chance to gather up to 45 entries by answering a question on each stop of the tour. Open US/Canada only.


Gina @ My Precious said...

What a fun blog tour. I don't know the answer to the question, I've never heard of this book. I still think this is a great way to promote the author. Lots of stops on the tour - how great.

The Slowest Bookworm said...

Hi Gina, It's definitely worth a guess entry even if you don't know the answer as there's a 50/50 chance you'll get it right. What an amazing prize eh?

JL Bryan said...

Silas is a GREAT book. So far. I started reading it a couple weeks ago, but I haven't gotten the Kindle back from my wife since. Grrr.