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Blog Tour: Velvet by Mary Hooper & Giveaway

We have lots of exciting things to share with you today here at The Slowest Bookworm! As part of the Velvet Book Tour, the books author, Mary Hooper, will be stopping by to tell you a bit about Mediums she has known and give you a sneak preview into the first chapter of Velvet!  And as if that wasn't enough, there's even a MASSIVE EIGHT BOOK GIVEAWAY to enter!!!

VELVET by Mary Hooper

Rose is a laundress in a Victorian steam laundry. With both her mother and father dead, she is an orphan and has to rely upon her own wits to make a living. The laundry is scalding, back-breaking work and Rose is desperate to create a better life for herself. Then Rose is noticed by Madame X, a famed medium, who asks Rose to come to work for her. Rose is dazzled at first by the young yet beautifully dressed and bejewelled Madame. But soon Rose realises that Madame X is not all that she says she is, and Rose's very life is in danger ...A romantic and thrillingly exciting new novel from an acclaimed and much-loved historical writer for teens

Sounds exciting huh? Well now I'm going to pass you over to Mary so you can find out about mediums.
Mary Hooper

Apart from Madame, all the names used in this novel  are those of real mediums, although, as with Amelia Dyer, they weren’t all still working during 1900–1901, the date covered by this book. Mediumship started in the United States in 1848 with the Fox sisters (who later admitted they were frauds) and quickly spread to the UK, where it became extremely fashionable. There are many photographs showing mediums exuding ectoplasm (a mysterious substance said to be produced by mediums whilst in a trance state, and at different times described as resembling gauze, smoke, mist or slime) from their bodies, but whether you are convinced by these is another matter – as is whether you believe that someone on the Other Side is able to send messages to the living.

The case for mediums has not been helped by the great number of frauds that were perpetrated in Victorian and Edwardian times against vulnerable and recently bereaved people. Two of the cases I have written about, ‘Lady Blue’ and ‘Mrs Lilac’, were based on cases from the Old Bailey records (now available online). The reason Madame gives for demanding Mrs Lilac’s jewels (that the magnetism within them might draw her too early to the Other Side) was taken from these records. Spiritualism and mediumship underwent a great revival after World War I, when hundreds of people sought to get in touch with loved ones who had died in the war.

If that has whetted your appetite like it has mine, then you'll be pleased to know that Velvet was released on 5th September 2011 and can be purchased at your local bookstore or online at:

Details of the other tour stops can be found in my sidebar.

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(UK only - sorry International readers)

Would you like to win a set of Mary's historical fiction titles?  I'm talking EIGHT books here!

The giveaway is open to everyone over 13 years of age who have a UK postal address.  If you qualify, then please leave a (meaningful) comment below along with your email address and a line confirming you live in the UK.

The prize pack will be posted out direct from the publishers - Bloomsbury Childrens Books

The giveaway closes at midnight on 16th September 2011.  Good Luck!


kara-karina@Nocturnal Book Reviews said...

I'm dying to try these beautiful books! I've read about the spiritualism and mesmerism in 19th century and how hugely popular it was. Amanda Quick's latest books have a lot of wonderful details about it.
Thank you for pointing out other authors.
impy80 at hotmail dot com
I'm in UK.

Steffikins said...

Wow this is a fantastic giveaway and I've heard how great these books are! I'm just about to start reading Fallen Grace though the 1st chapter of Velvet will get downloaded!

I do live in the UK and the email is Stef (dot) Pyburn (at) gmail (dot) com

Debra's Book Cafe said...

Fantastic post and giveaway..... I live in the UK and my email address is

Best wishes

Debs :-)

Small Review said...

Wow, I'm so wishing I lived in the UK! Glad to see Scribed worked. :)

Anonymous said...

I love YA books, and Mary Hooper is an author I've heard of but not yet read, they sound impeccably well researched and evocative of the era in which they're set.

My email is gaskella at hotmail dot com, and I'm in the UK.

whispering words said...

Thank you for hosting such a great giveaway! I love Mary Hoopers books, 'At the the sign of the sugared plum' is probably my favourite but I'm really looking forward to reading Velvet. Would love to win :)

Cliona said...

Oh darn! I can't enter :( Oh well, good luck everyone!

Kate said...

I bought and read 'Newes from the Dead' by Mary Hooper about a year or so ago and absolutely loved it :D

I live in the UK and my email address is kjedisbury (at) live (dot) co (dot) uk

Awesome giveaway :D

Nikki-ann said...

Wow, that's quite a prize pack! Mary Hooper is a wonderful author, so I've no doubt the winner will love all the books.

I live in the UK.

nixtee [at] gmail [dot] com

Mel said...

I've heard so many great things about Mary Hooper's books - Fallen Grace has been on my wishlist for ages! Plus Velvet sounds like a very atmospheric book. :)

I am in the UK! :)

Books Glorious Books said...

Great post. I haven't read anything by Mary Hooper yet but I've heard so many good things about her books. I've been wanting to read Fallen Grace for a while now.

I live in the UK.

m-hussein at hotmail dot co dot uk

Jules said...

Great giveaway! I've been meaning to pick up some of her books and I've been told by a few people now that they are absolutely great.

I read the sampler that you posted and it does sound really good.


UK based! :D

Hanna said...

Wow, this is such a generous giveaway. To be honest, I had no idea she'd even written that many books!

I'm from the UK - Bradford :)

misshwhitehead (at) gmail (dot) com.

BooksforCompany said...

I loved Fallen Grace!
Would love a chance to read her others =)
booksforcompany @

Zarina said...

I've been very interested in "Velvet" so have been eagerly reading blog reviews and information about the novel on the web, so thank you for the background information on mediums in the book (you now have a new follower! ;))

What a wonderful competition as well, of course I would very much like to enter:

turtlegoescanada AT hotmail DOT com

And yes I am in the UK, London to be precise.


melanie said...
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Maryann Nixon said...

OMG, I've only read Fallen Grace by Mary Hooper but I loved it so much. She has got me into history books, I would be so excited to win these books, I just know they're amazing!

I'm from Cornwall at the bottom of England so yes I'm from the UK :)

Smileess_ox at hotmail dot com

Kulsuma said...

I would love to read this book. Velvet sounds fantastic! I do love the series Medium:)
I live in the UK