Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Book Review: The Magi by Kevin Turner (& Giveaway!)

THE MAGI by Kevin M. Turner

Released:  October 2011
Publisher:  Smashwords
Review Format:  Kindle e-Book
Source:  Received from the author in exchange for an honest review

Thirteen-year-old Elijah Hawk has never heard of the Magi. He doesn't know about the secret power they have. He has never been to Savenridge, the Magi city hidden deep inside the northern forests. Most of all, Elijah is unaware of the dangers hunting him, in search for something he has. After one terrifying night, however, all of that changes!

On a quest to solve the murder of his parents, Elijah stumbles upon the land of the Magi. Learning their secrets and training with their power is the least of his problems. In order to find out why his parents were killed, Elijah learns that he must confront the dangers that are hunting him. What's more terrifying is learning that stumbling upon this new world of the Magi may not have been an accident after all.
Synopsis from Goodreads.
I’ve been sitting here at my computer for ages trying to think how I can word this review without telling you more about the plot than is already given in the synopsis. I don’t want to give any spoilers - this book deserves for you to discover it’s secrets yourself!

We first meet 13 year old Elijah, the main character, just before his parents and older sister are murdered by a mysterious man with strange eyes. Elijah begins to learn that just maybe he isn’t quite the average kid on the block he thought he was. Elijah was a strong, well written protagonist and my favourite character in the book. He was a brave, intelligent, humorous and slightly insecure teen who dealt very well with the situations the author threw him into without losing his head.

There were other characters in the book I really enjoyed. Master Roddick, one of the teachers at the school who seems different from the others, Elijah’s friends -Isaac, Paul, Hannah, Adam and Becca. Of his friends Becca was definitely my favourite. I loved her smart and slightly cocky attitude and that she was very sure of herself and way too bossy!

The magical world of The Magi will have your imagination racing and well as you’re heart! The story is fast paced and exciting and if you are anything like me, you will be on the edge of your seat through most of it!

So, what didn't I like about The Magi?  Actually nothing.  I totally loved this book and can't wait for the second in the series early (hopefully!) next year!

The Magi is well written and has an excellent storyline. It is a fast and easy read and although this book is actually tagged as a Young Adult, I feel it is also very appropriate for both younger and older readers. There is a bit of violence, but nothing too graphic that would upset younger readers. The Magi will definitely appeal to Harry Potter fans with it's magical element (although Magi magic is nothing like Potter magic), part of the storyline being set in a school and it's younger end teen cast.  This is one book I definitely recommend you read soon!

My rating: 5 stars

The author of The Magi, Kevin Turner, will be back here at The Slowest Bookworm with an extremely interesting guest post on Friday, so please do pop back to say hi.

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Kevin Turner has kindly offered to give an e-copy (or pdf version if you'd prefer) of The Magi to every reader who leaves a comment below, with an email address, before midnight GMT on Sunday 13th November 2012.  Go on!  What are you waiting for?  Get commenting :-D


Steph: Short and Sweet said...

Sounds really awesome! Awesome giveaway too. Even if I don't win I'm gonna end up reading this :)


Melissa (i swim for oceans) said...

I'm not entering because my e-reader has, sadly, bitten the dust. That said, I'm adding it to my TBR bc the storyline sounds awesome! Great review :)

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Thanks. Sounds really good.


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Very beautiful story! Thank you very much!!!

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The Magi sounds fab - I love books with magical and imaginative worlds :)

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Wow, sounds great! :)

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The synopsis really caught my attention. Reading your review made me want to read it even more!! I'm really curious!


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Thanks for the awesome giveaway!


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Wow that's generous!
I would like a pdf copy please :P
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Great review! Sounds intriguing and I love anything magical.
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I love stories that seem full of intrigue! And I'd really love the chance to read this book.